Brand and Website Design to Put You on the  Path to Growth.


“Don't judge a book by it's cover" doesn't really apply when it comes to your brand and website. 

The design aspect of your business can be intimidating to say the least. You probably feel like you've been pulled in a million directions...trying to find that balance between your style and something that will actually be appealing to your ideal client.

You have a beautiful vision for your brand-but bringing that vision to life has proven strenuous. Downright disheartening.

But that doesn’t mean “pretty” is the end all be all .


Would you be overwhelmed with chaos (or underwhelmed?)

When it comes to the key information...
Would you know what this business provided within seconds?
Would you trust that this service was a truly quality experience?

If you answered with a reluctant “no” to these, your ideal client may be thinking the same thing. Which means you’re letting potential business walk right out the door.


It might be time to consider if you're being held back from reaching this success that will lead to the life you so desire.

Owning a business is an opportunity to chart your own course. To take charge of the choices you have in life and decide for yourself how your precious time will be spent.

Adventuring out into this beautiful world we call home, following a forgotten passion, supporting a more mindfully.

The list goes on. But this..this is what’s important.

Perhaps you started your business to work in a field you truly enjoy...but there's a little more to it than that, isn't there?

An elevated identity for your brand housed in a custom Showit website your ideal client can trust in. Design driven by purpose, this 1-1 experience will set your business on the path to continued growth.

full website & brand desgin  | 

Brand & website design experience packages:

The path forward

full website & brand design desgin

now offering up to 6 month payment plans for all packages

Six page website
Basic search engine optimization
Blog design 
Mobile responsive design
Site launch facilitation
One-on-one Showit Tour
14 days of  support after launch

Timeline is 10-12 weeks
Includes 2 rounds of revisions

What’s included?

Brand & Website strategy call
Primary logo design
Secondary logo design
Icon design
Pattern design
Color palette
Font selection
Brand guidelines
All rights to work
Content guidance

A 6 page Showit website (with additional pages available at request). Your website package will include everything from SEO optimization, blog design, technical and launch support, as well as full branding. You’ll receive guidance on crafting your own copy or I can direct you to a trusted copywriter to take care of it for you. Perfect for businesses with multiple offerings and content to share, you will benefit from a more comprehensive navigation across a multi-page website.

Full Website & Brand Design

investment - $3,400

One page website
Basic search engine optimization
Blog design 
Mobile responsive design
Site launch facilitation
One-on-one Showit Tour
14 days of  support after launch

Timeline is 10-12 weeks
Includes 2 rounds of revisions

What’s included?

Brand & Website strategy call
Primary logo design
Secondary logo design
Icon design
Pattern design
Color palette
Font selection
Brand guidelines
All rights to work
Content guidance

A one page Showit website complete with full branding, SEO optimization, blog design as well as technical and launch support. I’ll provide guidance on crafting your own copywriting or help you connect with a trusted copywriter to handle your website words. If your business’s content is quick and easy to browse then a one page site is perfect for your needs! You’ll have the option to upgrade to the full package at any time.

Mini Website & Brand Design

investment - $2,400

Already have a professionally designed brand you love and looking for a website to match?
Reach out for a custom quote on website design.

Website Design Only

Both the Mini and Full packages are uniquely designed to fit businesses with different needs. Some deliverables can be removed from the packages such as “blog design.” We can chat about your specific situation over our discovery call!

What if I don’t need your
whole package?

If you’re unsure whether the Mini or the Full Brand & Website design package is right for you and your business needs, let’s chat over a free discovery call! I’ll answer all of your questions and guide you to your best fit.

Which package
is right for me?

Yes, if you currently have your site on another platform I will guide you through making the switch to Showit for a seamless transition. Once your Showit membership is set up you will gain access to your site and all of the *amazing* features that come along with the platform. (Trust me, you won’t regret it!)

Will I need a
Showit subscription?

I build websites on Showit, it gives me the creative freedom to make a truly custom site for you-the design possibilities are endless! With Showit, you will be able to make small edits of your own (no coding necessary) once our project is completed. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it! Showit also runs on AWS servers which plan to function on 100% renewable energy by 2024. 

What website platform do you work with?


Your questions answered…

Looking for more guidance?

Book a FREE 
Discovery Call with me!

sandra of open spaces

“My new brand makes me feel more empowered about my business."

hannah of wholesome endeavors

“A website that speaks to your audience with professionalism and clarity."

carla of the zaniya center

“Your questions really helped me as a business owner rediscover my branding."

Maegan of wares by maegan

“The experience was so fun, quick and easy."

aniya of galactic soul exhange

“ I felt from our first meeting that Aubre was listening and not just ticking boxes."

hannah of wholesome endeavors

“Aubre handled the transition from Wix to Showit flawlessly, which took SO much pressure off of me."

kamieof the She's Invincible Podcast

“ I loved the step by step process how Aubre understood what I wanted my brand to communicate.."


Around here, elevating your business through curated design is part of the larger goal: to help you work with ease from a place of confidence.

Artisan Kind believes that your brand and website should work in harmony to guide your perfect client along their journey. To help them feel that the experience you provide fits perfectly into their story.

Hats off to the tea at Building A Storybrand for that guiding principle!

“Feel empowered, not embarrassed to share your branded site with potential clients.”

A strong brand is only a piece of the puzzle. It elevates a business’s level of professionalism and showcases the uniqueness of their offer. Couple that with a polished website that infuses all of the strategic (and of course beautiful) elements of your you have a clear path to attracting and booking more clients.

The philosophy:

With all of the tech-heavy tasks done for you we’ll prepare to launch your polished brand and website to the world.



You’ll hand over the copywriting, imagery, offer details, and more as I begin to craft a cohesive online home for your brand.



When it’s time to bring your new brand to life online, we’ll pull inspiration, discuss goals, and plan the big picture.



Your Website:

Designs will be refined through a collaborative effort until they communicate perfectly what your brand represents.



With a clear direction for your brand identity we will begin to design concepts that tie in all of your defining elements.



We’ll start with a strategy to unearth the uniqueness of your offer and the value your business serves.



Your Brand:

The one-of-a-kind process

In a saturated market, visuals catch attention but positioning ultimately sells. Custom design backed by intentional decisions will help you stand out and speak directly to your ideal client.

The opportunity to stand out

Every step, every line sketched is backed by a clear purpose. The “why” behind each design decision will be front and center as we discuss the bigger picture of your brand and the role it has to play in the lives of others.

Time for visitors to see your offers

Not only does a custom brand showcase your distinctive style, a strategic website design gives you the space to artfully weave in personal touches that will help you connect casually with your visitors.

A chance to connect on a personal level

Is it truly worth it?

What your DIY website could be costing you...

Your brand represents what your business stands for- your website should confirm that message and take it a step further. Without a strategically designed site you are missing the chance to show your audience: “yes, I am the person for the job!”

A way to communicate your expertise

Whether you’re looking to update your DIY identity or simply start off on the right foot with a professional and sophisticated’ve come to the right place.

You want to start from the ground up and do this right! You want a finished product you are proud and eager to share with others.

You’re looking for a collaborative opportunity. A chance to share your ideas with someone who will offer a new perspective and get your brand and website where it needs to be.

You feel better knowing a process or a product is eco-friendly! Around here the goal is to infuse practices into each step that helps us be kind to the Earth.

After consuming every piece of content you could find on DIYing your visual brand you just can’t seem to escape that scattered, incomplete feeling.

You’re tired of the long process (never-ending it seems) of fixing, tweaking,and adding to your brand identity and website.

Working with Artisan Kind is right for you if....


That traction and growth you’ve been wishing for…

It's time to start seeing it.

You deserve to be seen as the professional you have always been. You deserve to feel that all over excitement and pride when you pass over a link to your website. So what are you waiting for?

Investing in your brand can be a bit intimidating. There’s a lot (and I mean A LOT) of advice out there. You probably have a few questions.

So let’s get those questions cleared up and see if we’re a good fit for one another!