What is an eco-friendly mindset? How can we achieve one without completely overwhelming ourselves? These are the questions I have been asking as part of a lifelong mission to live gently upon this Earth.  While I try to make slow and eco-friendly choices in my everyday life I was also determined to be mindful about […]

Eco-Friendly Business Practices, Slow Living for Small Business Owners

Develop an eco-friendly mindset in 3 easy steps | Part 1

May 9, 2022

Depending on who you talk to, “slow living” will have varying definitions. The definition will also change as we enter different chapters of our lives. When I was young my definition of slow living was Summer days spent playing in the woods with all the kids from the neighborhood.  We’d build makeshift tree forts, find […]

Slow Living for Small Business Owners, Small Business Tips

How to Successfully Embraces Slow Living While Running a Business.

February 21, 2022