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Whether you’re a brand new coach, an advisor looking to grow, or an educator ready to reach your dream clients you’ll find a one-of-a-kind Showit template—a home—for your brand here



→  Will my website look original?
→  Will a website template function as well as       a custom design?
→  I want creative freedom, but is this going to
    be too overwhelming?

→  Will my website look original?
→  Will a website template function as well as a custom design?
→  I want creative freedom, but is this going to be too overwhelming?

But a website template? You might have some thoughts. Thoughts like

As business owners we’re used to doing everything on our own. We power through and make things happen! But we can’t be experts at everything…

Designing a website is a huge undertaking. While you could teach yourself to create one from the ground up…do you really want to? Is it a valuable use of your time? Perhaps custom design is out of your reach right now (or maybe your previous experience didn't go as you’d hoped)

Grow Your Business and Create a Beautiful Website that Connects, Without the Heavy Lifting

You don’t have endless hours to strategize…to second-guess

Let’s turn those insecure moments into empowering ones!

"I  Reallyyy Don't want you to see my cobbled together site."
 “Actually my site is under construction!”

Showit’s extensive resource library and live chat feature means you won’t be left staring at your screen, stuck in place. Quickly tackle any hurdles with video tutorials, articles, and 1-1 support.

Support Every Step Of The Way

Built in SEO features that help your new site rank well in search engines and get your business noticed by your ideal clients. (Because what’s a website without the right viewers?)


With access to all of the design features (and the know-how to use them well) you can easily and quickly make edits to your design to fit your ever-evolving brand. Take your growth into your own hands.

Freedom To Grow

It doesn’t take a techy-wizard to easily customize your Showit website template. Enjoy drag and drop features, no coding necessary! Simply add your content and marvel at the magic.

A Muggle-Friendly Design Experience

Even with a start-up or “still-finding-my footing” budget you can get a professional, clean, and conversion-focused website design. Here you’ll find templates that don’t LOOK like templates.

A Custom Look Without A Custom Price

Pre-designed with strategy, ease of use, and clear navigation in mind. Your website visitors will know exactly where to go without you having to think for a moment about layout. Simply add content and personalize (the fun part)!

An Elevated Client Experience

A Showit Website Built by Artisan Kind is Perfect for you if You're Looking for

So Let’s Clear This Up!

Rooted in Strategy, Blooming With Beauty

Shop the Collection

Aesthetically pleasing is a must-have, but functionality is non-negotiable. 100% customizable Showit Website templates built for conversion (so you can connect with those perfect clients) and a stress-free design process (so you can easily and excitedly press “publish” within days! Not months.)

Dreamers is a garden full of color, mesmerizing bird songs, and a stack of well-read books not too far away. A portal to possibilities only dreamt of. This rich and lively design is the feeling of sun-warmed skin and was crafted for those who are unapologetically true to themselves. Built for the inquisitive visionary who has the patience to nurture seeds into thriving blooms.

starting at $225



Endless is the cool, crisp wind that awakens the senses. A clear and cleansing breath one can only experience in the stillness of nature. The very definition of going-with-the-flow. Crafted with care for the free-spirited thinker. The friend everyone comes to for inspiration and advice. For the imaginative individual in search of their next adventure.

starting at $225


Tranquil, Awakened, Harmonious

You wear enough hats, friend. You don’t have to be a full-fledged designer too. So tamp down that inner voice and gently remind it…”a template isn’t “cheating,” (especially if it saves my sanity!”)


In Case That Little Voice In Your Head Is A Bit Too Vocal…
Here’s your reminder

We promise, your individuality will blossom

The top fear when it comes to website templates? Originality.
Good thing each template comes with easily navigate-able, plug and play pages including home, about, services, and contact. With a comprehensive website content checklist you’ll be able to creatively drop in your brand’s personality through imagery and copy to make the template truly your own!

Strengthen your brand’s roots by customizing the Instagram links page, lead magnet pop-up, and a ready-made Wordpress blog template.

Add a little extra nourishment to your design via Showit’s intuitive color and font technology, and share it with the world!

It's Time to Nurture Your Vision and Cultivate a Design for Your Own Making

We’ve Sown The Seeds Of Strategy For You

The wand chooses the wizard right? To choose the perfect template for you, you’ll want to listen for the template that speaks to you. What feels aligned with your brand, your values, your vision? Can you envision what it will look like with your own imagery and your own copy? Does it send goose-bumps skittering up your arm as you scroll through the pages? If so you’ve found your fit! It’s time to make some magic happen!

Select Your Template

100% customization is amazing, but also super intimidating (we get it!) How do you know which section of your new template to work on first? My recommendation? Start with the messaging (copy does dictate design after all). You’ll find copy prompts strategically placed throughout your template! Then you can dive into personalizing the visuals. Add your colors, your logo, and your beautiful images.


When the final touches have been made I want you to let out a sigh ( a big one because you DID it! ) Celebrate the incredible accomplishment and allll the new clients who will be knocking down your virtual door to partner with you. Create a plan for announcing your new website to the world! Will you host a giveaway? A special offer? Don’t forget to share the news with us so we can work together to spread the word!


Let's Shed a Little Light on the Process


Same Seeds, Vastly Unique Results

lauren mudrock

"My website makes me feel like I’m a web designer when I know nothing about web design. I switched over from Wordpress to Showit and I immediately felt relieved with the creative control.  Working off of a template helped me understand the basics of how it works while giving me the freedom to add my own bells and whistles."

Take a look at what others have experienced

The Complete Guide to
Crafting an Enticing Lead Magnet

Download the free guide


A website template built without strategy is simply a pretty face. While we love beautiful things just as much as the next person, we know your website has the high-stakes job of GUIDING the hero of your business (*Cough* your clients! Or soon to be clients) along their journey to success. We’ve infused the classic Story Brand Framework from the award winning book by Donad Miller into each design decision. A reliable (dare we say, sustainable) framework used in famous novels will now serve your business well for years to come.

A Timeless Story Brand Framework

We’re all about embracing an unhurried life. With an easy to follow, drag and drop template you have the luxury of making slow intentional design decisions. You know, the creative ones you actually want to have! No need to waste time on the tech-heavy back-end work. Of course this easy design also lends itself to speed if your intentional energy is better spent elsewhere! The choice is yours. Know that you’ll be able to use your energy in a sustainable way- no burnout happening on our watch.


There’s a list a mile long about why we love Showit, but top of that list is their earth-friendly positioning. (If you’ve been around awhile you know how important that is to us!) Showit runs on AWS servers working to reach 100% renewable energy by 2024. On top of that, our home office (where your future template was crafted with love and kindness) runs off of 100% solar energy! So yes, your soon to be active site is *actually* a sustainable option, not just for your business, but for the earth we call home.


Why Artisan Kind?

A Sustainable Option (in more ways than one) for Your Growing Business

We want you to enjoy running (and growing) your business, serving clients in the way you do best…not agonizing over image positions and text alignments. We want you to finally check off “build a website” from your to-do list!

By choosing a template designed with timeless appeal, efficiency, and strategy in mind, you can have exactly that.

If you’d be so kind, send us an owl with an invite to your launch party so we can celebrate all that’s to come for your business, together!

→  For your creativity to shine and your uniqueness to be seen.

→  For your work to be valued and invested in by the right people.

→  For your website to light you up whenever you see it.

→  For your business to thrive so your life can be slow (in the most beautiful, intentional way).

What We Do Want For You

→  For valuable hours to be spent stressing and struggling over design choices.

→  For the perfectionist rabbit hole to leave you stranded (we’re all too familiar).

→  For dream client opportunities to pass you by because you don’t have somewhere you’re proud to send them.

→ For your work, passion, and expertise to go unnoticed.

What We Don’t Want For You

There’s a lot of pressure on your website, but there doesn't need to be so much pressure on you!

A True Representation of Your Brand

A Website That Brings You Real Joy

Let's Make Real Magic Happen for Your Brand

Communicate your value, connect with purpose

Yes! Website templates can be paid in full or split up into 50/50 payments, Simply select the option you would prefer at checkout.


Yes! One of our favorite parts about Showit is the ability to have a Wordpress blog (aka: easy formatting and access to amazing SEO features like the free Yoast plugin). If you would like to have a blog now or in the future be sure to select the Showit subscript +basic blog option.



The support team at Showit is truly the best (i’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!). You can browse articles and video tutorials in the help library or live chat with a team member! The response time is fast and they’ve pretty much seen it all. You won’t be left hanging, promise!

If you’re currently using a different platform you’re going to want to switch over to a Showit subscription before you can publish your template. Showit is where you will design and host your website! (So no need for third-party hosting) Click here to browse the monthly subscriptions and select the option that suits your needs!


In the backend of your Showit site you will be set your brand colors and fonts that will automatically apply to each page. You will be able to customize each individual page by shifting any element around as well as adding in your photos, videos, and copy . If you have a specific question there are countless tutorials in Showit’s help center.


Showit is a drag and drop website platform that offers users 100% creative freedom to design their sites. With built in SEO tools, the best support team out there, and no coding necessary to get a beautiful finished product it’s truly the only platform we can imagine working with. Not to mention it’s an eco-friendly server!



Have a few questions?

Simply select "add template customization" at checkout and we'll get your scheduled for a customization date. You'll be up and running in a matter of days!

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