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I know just how important it is to build a life that serves a greater purpose - not just a business that succeeds.

A simply beautiful brand is not the goal. A brand that reflects your greater purpose and works to attract the clients you dream of working with is. An identity that feels right to YOU!

Design still had my heart, so I toyed with the idea of starting a business. Surely, this girl who founded the eco-friendly club in high school was capable of charting her own course. 

Through Artisan Kind, I'm creating designs that matter for people serving a greater purpose. I continue to pursue my life-long journey to be more kind to the earth. My practices in business enable me to work harmoniously with my clients and the earth in mind.

“Sometimes the universe knows we’re not where we’re meant to be and gives us a nudge.”

A BFA in graphic design landed me a unique 9-5 role with vacation time so good it would make a European jealous. (I never imagined leaving). 

I spent seven years designing for 1,000's of clients -some notable household names like Absolut, Patron, and Jim Beam. 

Flash forward to the global pandemic that turned life upside down. At the time, I was still healing from an ectopic pregnancy, which led to an endometriosis diagnosis and a series of surgeries. 

Shortly after that, my company was hit hard, and I found myself without a job (which turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me).

Helping coaches and service providers visually position themselves as experts with a visual identity that reflects their one-of-a-kind business.

Hey there, I'm Aubre

Websites are all built on Showit, which runs on AWS servers working to reach 100% renewable energy by 2025. All client meetings are held on Google Meet, an eco-friendly alternative to Zoom. 



My household works with a small local business that collects our compostable material (paper q-tips, cotton swabs, leftover food, sweepings, and so much more) and turns it into bags of compost for us to use in our garden.



Add-on prints to packages are all sourced with eco-friendly paper and inks. Reducing waste, eliminating harmful chemicals, and protecting the environment for future generations.



My custom work and templates are designed with care in my home office, powered by 100% solar energy! Clients can feel comfortable that their project is designed in harmony with the earth. 




Behind Artisan Kind: A name with many meanings. A vision to inspire kindness: in life, in business, in practices that protect this planet human-kind calls home

Behind Artisan Kind: A name with many meanings. A vision to inspire kindness:
in life, in business, in practices that protect this planet human-kind calls home

"Living gently upon this Earth"

As a Wisconsin native, I’m always anxious for a chance to escape the wicked winters for a beach getaway whenever possible.


Family is everything furry, paws and all. My partner and I love our rescue cats, Eddy and Grover. Eddy is our sweet old boy, passed down from my late Grandpa.


I'm a bit of a coffee snob! It has to be goldilox-level, perfect with a bold flavor. Oh, and when it comes to food, on a spiciness scale of 1-5, I'm probably at a 10.


The Harry Potter books are near and dear to my heart. It is a reminder of simpler times, and I listen to the series on audiobooks once (maybe twice) a year.

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