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Endless is a cool, fresh, and natural Showit website template with blog. Crafted for you if you’re a coach or service provider who values connecting with nature and is always on the search for your next adventure. Whether you specialize in alignment coaching, life coaching, relationship coaching, holistic coaching, or intuitive coaching, you’ll confidently show up as you are as the Endless template works to attract and nurture those right-fit clients with ease. 



All images are sourced by Pexels and are free for you to use. Fonts licensing is not included, but you'll be provided a link to purchase your own font license if you wish. A Showit subscription is required, and you’ll be provided with easy instructions to guide you in setting it up.

Confidently write your own website copywriting with my compelling website copywriting guide. Based on the popular marketing book that teaches businesses to clarify their messaging through story-focused strategies. You'll never need to ask the question, "I wonder what I should write here?"

Compelling website copywriting workbook

You won't be left in analysis paralysis once your temple is in hand. You'll know exactly what content to gather and how to gather it. This checklist features links to expert resources. So you can learn more about anything you need clarification on, from choosing or refining your color palette to selecting stock photos that complement your brand photography and SEO tips.

Content Planning Checklist

So you can start customizing your website within minutes of purchasing your template. You'll also receive a code to get your first month of Showit free.

Getting Started With ShowIt Quickstart Guide

You'll also get these bonus resources

No matter your season of business, a beautiful website that captures your essence visually and connects with your ideal clients is within reach.

Customize as much or as little as you'd like with Showit's drag-and-drop interface. Plug-and-play copy guide inspired by the StoryBrand Framework to serve as clear prompts for your messaging.

Finally, grow your business by attracting more of those dreamy, right-fit clients. By guiding visitors through an elevated online experience that showcases your value and aesthetically matches your level of expertise, you'll make working with you irresistible.

(Click above to view the individual pages included). You'll also be able to duplicate and add pages easily.

the endless template Comes Equipped With all the pages you need to grow your business

Expertly designed with everything you need to step into a new season of business, attract more right-fit clients, and grow your business with ease. 


Due to the nature of digital file delivery all sales are final (including payment plans). No returns or refunds. By purchasing you agree to my terms posted here.

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Need help making this template your own? Let me customize it for you.

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Finally launch a beautiful, conversion-focused website that serves your business growth well.

Purchase your template and use my comprehensive content checklist to start collecting the materials you would like to feature on your website. This includes your logo, brand imagery, copywriting, terms and conditions (can’t forget the legalese), and anything to showcase your incredible work. Think testimonials, client stories, and portfolio pieces. You’ll have access to an array of blog posts to guide each step!

Choose your template

Begin by adding your unique brand fonts and customize your colors. Once you set these, they will be applied to every page (see, super simple)! Add your imagery, videos, and sow in the copywriting. Your template will prompt you where to place the content for the perfect flow! (Follow the outline we’ve laid out for you, or tweak it to fit your liking)! Review your SEO settings with guidance from my checklist.

Start customizing

Once you've customized your template you'll reach out to the team at Showit via the handy live chat button (you can't miss it) and they'll walk you through launching your website! Time to throw some eco-friendly confetti and celebrate! 

Launch & celebrate

Simple steps for do-it-yourself design

Don’t let the task of “finish my website” linger too long
After all, you have a beautiful business to run and an unhurried life to live

Take a Look for Yourself

See what magic is possible when you customize my Endless template!

Frequently asked questions

If you're using a different platform, you will switch to a Showit subscription before publishing your new website. Showit is where you will design and host your website! (So, there is no need for third-party hosting.) Click here to browse the monthly subscriptions and select the option that suits your needs!

Your template and accompanying resources will be delivered via email for instant access. Once you log in to your new Showit dashboard, you will be able to upload your template and start customizing your color palette, dropping in your photos, and fine-tuning your copy. 

That’s perfectly okay! You are welcome to wait, but purchasing your dream template now may prompt you to gather your content all the faster. Your template purchase includes a content checklist to guide any DIY efforts.

One of Showit's greatest selling points is its partnership with WordPress (the top-rated blogging platform in the world). If you choose a Showit subscription that comes with a blog, you will receive access to a WordPress dashboard to add your blog content. The look and layout of your blog pages will be designed in Showit.

Depending on if you need a blog or not, your Showit subscription will run around $19 - $25 a month. Showit offers endless design possibilities (thankfully, you don't need to master coding to customize every aspect of your website. Not to mention the unmatched level of help resources and live chat support. Get your first month of Showit for free with the code ArtisanKind!

Yes! Website templates can be paid in full or split up into 50/50 payments. Simply select the option you would prefer at checkout. 

Absolutely! I can help you customize this template. Learn more about template customization here, or book a discovery call to chat